4.5/5 Super recommend! As soon as the package is opened, the strong smell of 巧克力 will hit the nostrils. As a big fan of 巧克力🍫, the foodie side is immediately apparent. It's a cookie after all, it doesn't melt in your mouth, but once you bite into the cookie, 巧克力 will melt easily. This 巧克力 cookie is not as sweet as most American 巧克力 cookies, but it is still sweet, so please eat in moderation. The cookie shape is cute too! There is a heart-shaped ❤️ but five stars are given to four and a half 🌟 because it is so delicious, it is the natural enemy of those who want to lose weight. It's also good to send to friends, especially female friends, because most girls love 巧克力, and the price is also good.
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4.5/5 超级推荐! 一开包,浓浓的巧克力味儿就扑鼻而来。作为一位巧克力🍫的忠实粉丝,吃货的一面马上就显现出来了。毕竟是饼干,不会入口即化,但是一旦咬开饼干,巧克力就会轻松融化。这款巧克力饼干不像大多数美国巧克力饼干那样甜,但是也还是甜的,所以请大家适量的吃。饼干形状也很可爱!有心形的❤️但是五颗星给四颗半🌟因为太好吃了,是想瘦的人的天敌。送朋友,尤其是女性朋友,也很好,因为大多数女生都爱巧克力,然后价格也很合适。