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🌸Big Nautical Snail Noodles🌸

Today's review is the Great Voyage 螺蛳粉~

The outer packaging is cute and feels more textured

The back of the outer packaging is also very cute. This is the first time I see the eating method of such a big picture😂

The ingredients are very rich, and each package is still cute~The design is very thoughtful, and each package has Chinese and another language expressionI love this flavor< /p>

What attracts me the most is this package of snail meat~ each small piece of dehydrated snail meat

I was also pleasantly surprised by the extra large pieces of yuba, and the amount was huge! I love to eat yuba skin, Kaisen~


The cooked snail meat is super large, it tastes very tough, and has a little spicy taste. A book is satisfying~

In general, I highly recommend this 螺蛳粉, the sauce has a spicy taste, and those who are not particularly fond of spicy food can omit the chili oil. The snail meat is a big plus, because it's really delicious, ah, ah, ah, ah, I like its bean curd very much, it is very large, and it is about the size of the bean skin of the hot potsize.size.size. span>

Interested friends can also start quickly. 😋

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Yami 특선