The point is the black sesame paste! No surprise, no surprise! Hahaha repurchased for my mother~ Except for the bling is the first time to buy! Oh oh oh! And Xiaolinzi One Drop Deodorant is also the first time I bought it! I recommend other moisturizing masks~ I think it can be used for sensitive skin! The report is complete!
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重点就是黑芝麻糊!意不意外,惊不惊喜! 哈哈哈回购给我妈妈~ 除了金光闪闪是第一次买! 噢噢噢!还有小林子一滴除臭也是第一次买! 其他补水面膜我都推荐~ 敏感肌肤的我觉得可以! 报告完毕!