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The stinky notorious stinking is notorious for thousands of years, instigate a mouthful, incense!

There is a kind of food, it is so stinky and notorious that just smelling its name can make people smell "stinky", but it has swept across the country in recent years. Circle, with its rich ingredients, smooth taste and most importantly hungryunique taste has attracted countless men and women.


Those who understand it understand the true meaning behind the stench, and those who are willing to turn against those who live with them also vow to instigate a bite; those who don’t understand it regard it as durian Exploding and seeing the person eating it was astonished as if the person was eating shit.

What kind of delicacy can achieve such a huge lethality, make those who hear it cry, and those who eat it Are you happy? It must be Liuzhou's handle, Chinese black delicious-- snail (luo) 蛳 (si) powder  ;.

Q: What qualities should a good bowl of snail noodles have?

A: sour, spicy, fresh, cool, hot, five flavors blend .


This layered snail powder is not only popular on YouTube B, but also our Yamibuy sales remain high The top winner of the [BuyBuyBuytop list]. As an unprofessional reviewer, the eldest lady pulled the fairies from the commodity department to sort out the [Yami's hottest snail powder list], pay attention , the following is a tasteful list, starting with Yunzhufan, Let's go!




If Jackie Chan is the leader of action movies, then the snail king is the leader of the snail powder industry. If you are a patient with severe difficulty in choosing , It's right to buy the Luobawang series with your eyes closed. In addition to the classic original flavor, Luobawang also launched [tomato flavor]

(Image source: Yami Sun Dan Daren@Old fat boy)

Unpack the package, the ingredients are full, and those who don’t like the smell can leave out the sour bamboo shoots.

It's sour bamboo shoots are strong, the fried bean skin is very large, and it absorbs the soup very ecstasy. And the rice noodles taste QSmooth and smooth, without the plastic feeling of convenience food, which is a plus. Unlike many tomato-flavored instant foods, it does not have a strong flavor, but a very pure tomato flavor, which neutralizes the spicy flavor. It is also very friendly to friends who can't eat spicy food.


The soup is very fresh, two bites are a must. Many Guangxi people rely on this bowl of snails for comfort when they are out of town.< /span>

Miss found that Luobawang has recently launched a new product --mustard-flavored snail powder. What kind of sparks will this mustard collide with the smell of snail powder? Put on a gas mask and continue to test for everyone!

(Photo source: Yami Suning Master < /span>@The daily life of foodies)

Open the wasabi snail powder, and the small packet of mustard oil is like a devil, which makes people love and hate. Open it and smell it , the eldest lady with Sichuan blood feels like she will be passed by the spicy hong.

But after the pan, the pungent spicy taste disappeared, and after a sip, you can taste the spicy aroma of mustard. But it will never make people cry. Sure enough, Luobawang never disappoints.


Happy Snail< /span>

< span>

It is also a popular Internet celebrity product. The lady picked out Luo Bawang and Hao Huanluo, which one do you prefer? This song question is as difficult and inhumane as "DadWho do you like better with your mother?" The special thing about it is that You can really eat screw meat!



The snail meat is soaked in the soup, and the soup is fresher after a sip, and it has a maximum The characteristic is that the smell is not very big, and it is not very smelly compared to other brands of snail powder. The vinegar bag is very big, so students who like sour choose it right ~





Begins with appearance, loyalty to taste means my love for Liu Quan, I thought it was just empty and beautiful I didn't expect this soul to be so interesting. The one that the eldest lady mentioned today is even more a gospel for lazy people, and it is convenient for self-heating.

Wait, there are still snail meat buns? Conscience! And the important thing is that the snail meat is really big I'm very convinced! Who can resist such a real big snail meat?

The fried bean skin is big and crispy, and the flour will not rot even after cooking for a long time. .Even if there is no vinegar bag, the soup base still tastes right! Praise! And, it's very convenient! As my friend said in the comments, prepare everything before bathing, What a pleasure it is to eat hot snail noodles directly after taking a bath!


The angel snail powder in the devil is the best (the eldest lady who was driven to the balcony to instigate powder cried), as a Yami's most popular food, the love for different brands of snail noodles can also be said to be varied. The snail noodles list is over, but the love for snail noodles is like a surging river, and it is like the Yellow River flooding out of control. Your favorite Which snail powder is it? Tell the lady in the comment area~


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A:酸 、辣、鲜、爽、烫,五味交融。


这样有层次的螺蛳粉,不仅在油管B站爆红,还是咱们亚米网销量居高不下的【买买买top榜】榜首得主。作为不专业的测评家,大小姐拉着商品部的小仙女们,整理出【亚米最热螺蛳粉榜单】,注意,以下是一篇有味道的榜单,云唆粉开始,Let’s go


























炸豆皮大包且脆,粉煮久了也不会烂掉依旧弹弹弹。即使没有醋包,汤底味道依旧很正点!表扬了!而且,很方便呀!就像评论里小伙伴说的,洗澡前准备好一切, 洗个澡出来直接吃到热乎的螺蛳粉,这是何等享受!