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[natasha denona]

💕Its eyeshadow palette.It should be considered a favorite of many bloggers!

💕NatashaDeveloping eyeshadow formulas that willcream and power in the form of combination, both as paste The eye shadow has excellent color rendering, and the powder eye shadow is durable and wrinkle-free. It feels creamy and smooth to the touch, and it is easy to mix. Even if the pearlescent color is beautiful and greasy, it does not appear obtrusive to the eyes. It is a collection of delicate Japanese eye shadows. A high-value eyeshadow palette that combines silty and European and American eye shadows with high color rendering.

💕I personally bought a few plates from it. I like it very much. Today I mainly recommend [sunsetandlila


Finally bought you.Fortunately I didn’t give up😘😘😘😘

natashaMy first eyeshadow set< span class="s3">.I have never been moved by so many big plates before. Only the sunset plate I like it at first sight.At the beginning, I always struggled whether it was too expensive or not. I am willing to put it down.After tangled, it will be limited span>.If you want to buy it, you can't buy that regret!

Later I heard that the sunset was changed too much. So it's back! But I'm so excited! I am thinking that this time I must buy it. I'll get started as soon as it hits the market!

Package in gold. So beautiful! The powder is also very good

🌟Photos were taken under warm light and flash.< /span>A true love plate with warm skin! It's beautiful no matter what! The color combination of this plate is really beautiful. A feeling of sunset.

🌟I think this game is well managed. Still very useful! It can be thick or thin! Worth starting! The powder really doesn't matter. The color rendering is also very good!


Boughtsunset.Later, another series of the same series was releasedlona.andsunsetThe same color as the packaging is fuchsia tone.still the same beauty ! !

This platelilaI was hesitant to buy it at that time..Because I have huda beauty. This is the type of shade too. But after receiving sunset, I was convinced by its packaging and powdery quality. As a result, I still can't control myself.I bought it consciouslylila .

Fairies who like purple will definitely like it. However, except for a few special purples.Other color matching is still everyday.I think it's still useful!

💕I like both. If you have to choose one or the other. My first choice is sunset.

💕Thanks for watching!

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这盘lila当时一直犹豫买不买.因为家里有huda beauty.也是这类型的色调了。可是收到sunset后,被它的包装还有粉质折服了。结果还是没能控制自己.很自觉的又买了lila.