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✨Eyeshadow palette with beauty and strength✨

[pat McgrathEyeshadows]

I used this eyeshadow palette today! I really feel so beautiful!

It's really a feeling of seeing each other late. ! ! !

Just wanted to say! This six-color palette is really worth buying if you are an eyeshadow control.! Especially when it's 20% off! What you buy is what you earn!

The packaging is paper though.But it's not cheap.It's heavy .

The main color is golden brown.Colors are very everyday.Five pearls and one matte.Every color is super nice and functional.

I really like the powder quality.The quality of the six colors is excellent. There will be no uneven quality like some large plates..Silty and soft texture.Colored°and saturated span>°all good.I use the brush for coloring.No flying powder!

Thanks for watching! I am happy.I want to continue to buy it again. Worried that the wallet is crying😂😂.

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Yami 특선


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