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when the comb meets the brush

Hair Loss Girl Cake always spends a lot of time and effort in cleaning her combs. 

The comb that organizes our hair every day, brushes away dust and smoothes frizz, also needs to be cleaned frequently to continue to function.< /span>

The most common problem with comb cleaning is a broken hair entangled on it.

It takes some effort to clean up due to the dense teeth. brute force Withdrawing will not only easily lead to deformation of the comb teeth, but also the small rubber particles covering the tip will be removed accidentally.  ;

SephoraHome-made hairbrush cleaning brushes can easily remove those tangled hairs.

Second brother's rake is the same brush, which can go deep into the bottom of the comb and pull the hair out at one time. It is much less laborious than cleaning line by line with cotton swabs.

Use it to clean all the combs. It feels colloidal Combs are relatively difficult to row; ordinary soft-toothed combs, angel combs, etc., can be easily used.

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Yami 특선





由于梳齿密集,清理起来要费一番功夫. 蛮力撤出不但容易导致梳齿变形,一不小心连覆盖尖端的小胶粒也会被弄下来. 


二师兄的耙子同款刷,可以深入梳子底部,一次过把掉发勾住拉出. 比起用棉签一行一行清理要省力多了.

用它把所有梳子都清理了一遍. 感觉有胶粒的梳子相对没那么容易划行;而普通软齿梳、天使梳等,则能轻松使用.