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🌱 Caudalie beauty elixir Queen's Water

The evaluation of Queen Water has always been mixed. Those who love hold it as a fine product, and those who don't like it are discarded like a shoe..

Everyone understands that there are thousands of people, and others may feel good about using them, but they may not have the same effect.. 

So I don't represent any faction, I will use a senior oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin trouble essence to talk about my feelings about Queen's Water< span class="s4">.

🌱 The first contact should have been three or four years ago. Allergies, any skin care products will sting, and they will not work.. I followed with the mentality of trying A set of large grapes, dailyroutineis mousse cleanser➡️ span>Queen's Water➡️SOS First Aid Essence➡️Ice Cream Cream. This routine successfully helped me through New York's dry and cold winter< span class="s4">.

🌱 After moving to California, the cuticle is almost repaired and less sensitive No more serums and creams.. But the Queen Water has never been discontinued.

Especially in summer, adding mint to cool it feels very comfortable.  

Rosemary has astringent properties, spray it after cleansing1/2Water-saving cotton compress on the nose to help shrink pores.

🌱Queen's water has a certain degree of spice added, citral, citronellol, etc. have the possibility of allergy, and the taste It is also the flavor of wind oil that makes many people retreat..

But I like the refreshing taste after using it.. And I have not experienced increased sensitivity during the allergic period.. It is quite suitable for individuals< span class="s4">.

The bottle of Queen Water from Big Grape can make some fairies feel uncomfortable, perhaps because the skin itself is allergic to certain ingredients. < /span>It can only be said that it is inappropriate, and it cannot be said that the Queen's water is not good..

By the way, I also want to say that many natural skin care products are not guaranteed to be absolutely good for the skin. Skin irritation. So homemade skin care products still have certain risks~

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Yami 특선


🌱 Caudaliebeauty elixir 皇后水




🌱 第一次接触应该是三四年前了,皮肤大过敏,什么护肤品用着都会刺痛,通通用不了. 抱着试一试的心态跟着入了一套大葡萄,日常routine就是慕斯洁面➡️皇后水➡️S.O.S急救精华➡️冰淇淋面霜. 这台routine成功帮我度过了纽约干燥又冷冽的大冬天.

🌱 后来搬去加州,角质层也修复得差不多没那么敏感了,就没再用精华和面霜. 但是皇后水是一直没有断档了.




不过用习惯后还挺喜欢这提神醒脑的味道的. 而且过敏期的使用我也没出现敏感加重的状况. 个人来说是蛮适合的.

大葡萄这瓶皇后水会让某些仙女有不适感,也许是因为皮肤本身对某些成分过敏. 只能说是不合适,不能武断就说皇后水不好.

顺带也想说一句,很多纯天然的护肤品并不保证绝对对皮肤好,反而会因为未经工艺提取,没有去除植物本身含有的致敏成分而对皮肤造成刺激. 所以自制护肤品还是有一定风险的哦~