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Quietly tell you | The same toothbrush of the goddess is discounted

🎀 Yami Electric's exclusive discount, even the same style as your goddess The pink Philips toothbrush is also participating in the discount! ! I suddenly feel that I have lost money in the previous purchase😢 Don't miss it if you haven't started yet~

🎀 Now that I have bought it, let me tell you my buying experience .

🎀 I have always seen a cheaper one that does not include a cup. There is only one charging case. Measured it, the cup can avoid being knocked over in daily use, and the toothbrush head does not need to be wet. Just put it in the box. I think the cup still has its merits.

🎀 and it can be charged at any time without having to put it back every timetravel casein. so I still bought this hardcover version that cost dozens of dollars..

Actually, I am a very sensitive person to toothpaste, and it is easy to feel nauseous because of the foam in my mouth😢  

But after changing this toothbrush, I inexplicably fell in love with the super shocking feeling of brushing my teeth. It isoralBNot brought to me. 

Makes brushing fun and a good reason to start. Plus now exclusive discounts⬇️⬇️⬇️

🌟[cookie0924 ]85OFF!

Take advantage of the last day of discount, if you don’t buy it, you will lose money~

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Yami 특선


🎀 亚米电器独家打折,竟然连星你女神同款的粉色飞利浦牙刷也参与折扣!! 一下子觉得以前买亏了😢 还没入手的宝宝们可别错过呀~

🎀 既然已经买了,就来说说我的购买心得吧.

🎀 之前一直看到一款比较便宜的,没有包含杯子,只有一个charging case. 衡量了一下,日常使用中杯子可以避免被碰倒,也不用牙刷头湿湿的就放进盒子里. 觉得杯子还是有它的可取之处的.

🎀 而且可以随时充电,不用每次都塞回travel case. 因此还是买了贵几十刀的这款精装版.



能让刷牙的过程变得有趣,也不失为一个入手的好理由. 加上现在还有独家折扣⬇️⬇️⬇️