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Recommendations of good things for cakes (3)

🌱 Soft Stone|Antiperspirant (Mint)

🎐 Summer Cool Tips — soft stone antiperspirant

🎐 Green mint, it feels cool after a while span>. If you go out in a vest, get wind in your armpits immediately💨💨💨. span>

🎐 soft stonecleaner and cleaner than regular antiperspirants< span class="s4">. Neither sticky nor easy to rub against clothes to leave white marks. 0 span0👍

🌱 JapanPlus+ |Privacy Cover Stamp

🌟 Life's little surprises

ShoppingamazonI saw this little cutie by accident and immediately ordered it .

Small and cute, easy to carry.

Rolling Stamps can be swiped to cover personal information such as text, addresses, etc. in letters. 

Demonstration, you can see what the original is.

Gizmos make the process of dealing with useless letters 有趣up.

🌱 Snake brandcooling powder

Old Brands Childhood Memories.

The talcum powder that has not changed since childhood.  span>

If there is a fairy child with the same sweaty constitution as me, I am worried about the strongXFor the safety of baby powder at home, you can try to buy this safe product made in Thailand.

It is cooler than ordinary talcum powder, and the powder is finer, so it is not difficult to clean when it gets on clothes.

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Yami 특선


🌱 Soft Stone|止汗膏(薄荷款)

🎐 夏日清凉小秘诀 — soft stone 止汗膏

🎐 绿色薄荷款,涂上不一会儿就感觉很清凉. 要是穿着背心出门,立刻腋下生风💨💨💨

🎐 soft stone比一般止汗剂干净爽利. 既不黏腻,也不容易蹭着衣物留下白痕. 👍

🌱 日本Plus+|隐私遮盖印章

🌟 生活中的小惊喜






🌱 Snake brandcooling powder

老牌用品 ,童年回忆.