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Recommendation of good things for cakes (4)

🌟 Eve Lom primer Makeup primer

Eve LomEve Lom's makeup remover is well-known and is a well-known star product . Comparatively speaking, its primerlight is masked, less Mentioned.

Actually this oneprimeris true·A good thing from the sea's relics.  span>

In a crowd that advertises pores, evens skin tone, and creates a flawless finishprimer, it just silently occupies a place with good use and moisturizing before makeup.

The texture is refreshing and gentle like a lotion, which is easily absorbed on the face. Be patient1, 2After a few minutes, apply the follow-up foundation, without rubbing the mud or peeling, and quietly give a submissive foundation.. 

It won't help in the snow and will not bring much improvement to the makeup of problem skin. But it is definitely the icing on the cake, a good helper to create a delicate makeup.

❤️Flowfushi|Cushion foundation

FlowfushiI have bought all of the beauty products in my family, especially eye makeup products, which are highly praised

span> .

Today I want to talk about my favorite product, egg-shaped air cushion foundation.

The appearance is really invincible, the rose gold egg-shaped shell can be used as a mirror without opening. It's a fingerprint collector, but it's beautiful.  span>

Especially when you take it out to touch up your makeup, it's an eye-catching tool.

However, the concealer ability is slightly less, and it is easier to get oily and take off makeup. In the past, the class time was short, and it was very good to use it. Now I can't support it for a whole day .

I feel more suitable for the student party~

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🌟 Eve Lom primer 妆前乳

Eve Lom家的卸妆膏大名在外,是众所周知的明星产品了. 相对来说,它家的primer光芒被掩,少有被提及.



乳液般清爽温柔的质地,上脸很容易就推开吸收了. 耐心等候12分钟再上后续粉底,不搓泥不起皮,安安静静给一个服帖的底妆打底. 

它不会雪中送炭,不能为问题皮肤的妆感带来很大的改善. 但绝对是锦上添花,营造细致妆感的好帮手.




颜值是真无敌,玫瑰金蛋形外壳,不打开也能当镜子使. 虽不免沦为指纹收集器,但太漂亮了. 


不过遮瑕能力稍逊一点,而且比较容易出油脱妆. 以前上课时间短,用着觉得挺好的. 现在一整天的话就支持不住了.