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Recommendation of good things for cakes (5)

❤️CHICCA Tricolor Powder

New love.

North America is really hard to buyChicca, it took a lot of hard work to find someone Help to buy it back, it will take a long time..

I admire that the shell, powder, puff, and brush are all sold separately😂  

Although I know that Japanese businesses attach great importance to environmental protection, thinking that they can directly replace the core after use up, and recycle the shell, but the moment I bought it, I still said silently in my heart, to make money!

According to personal habits, powder cream is generally selected white, and this box of powder cake is ordered directlyO-00, natural tone.

The powder is very fine, and it blends into the pores quickly. Use the built-in The powder used before the small brush touches up the makeup. 

The force of the brush to grasp the powder is just right, it is not easy to take too much powder at one time, resulting in mottled makeup.

Compared to the short board that the powder is always easy to show pores, its makeup is really rare, and it does not dry and does not stick to pores .

The surface of the sponge is fine and dense fluff. Personally, I feel that when I use the sponge to apply makeup, it is a little yellower than my skin tone, and the makeup does not feel too natural when I just apply makeup. 

And the sponge can't cover the pores of the nose at the beginning of makeup, although the powder is excellent, the effect after fusion is beautiful. But compared to brushing makeup, it feels slightly inferior to using a sponge as a base makeup.

OverallchiccaI am satisfied with this compact and will continue Researching better ways to apply sponge to makeup. 

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Yami 특선


❤️CHICCA 三色粉饼






粉质很细,融合进毛孔的速度快. 用自带小刷子补妆完爆之前用过的粉饼. 




而且海绵初上妆有点遮盖不到鼻翼的毛孔,虽然粉质优秀,融合后效果很美. 但比起刷子补妆,感觉用海绵做底妆略逊色.