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Recommendations of good things for cakes (6)

Although summer is over, I still want to recommend two sunscreen artifacts.

☀️ Orbis| Sunscreen (Refreshing Version)

🌟 A must for getting out quickly

It was raining a few days ago, and the Bay Area was so hot that I was sweating when I went out to buy a takeaway.


Don't want sunscreenprimerlayers of makeup, and don't want to wear a plain face , so I took out the magic weapon of laziness——Orbis Sunscreen isolation❗️

This tinted sunscreen can improve pores and light coverage, and fade small acne marks.. 

Basically apply this and then apply a layerpaul & joe sunscreen powder Strengthen it and you can go out refreshed~

There are two types of the same brand, this bottle is a refreshing one, and the tube is a moisturizing one, which is more suitable for autumn and winter or dry skin~

☀️ Paul & Joe |Limited Edition Sunscreen Powder

Since sunscreen powder is mentioned, take it out for a walk.

Can't remember if this is16or17 limited edition, beautifully packaged and comes with a small silk pouch.

Contains SPF25 PA++ pressed powder in shades001.

The powder is super fine, and it is very easy to use for makeup and makeup. The puff is Fine fluff, it's not bad to catch powder~

Don't expect much sun protection, but it does a great job of absorbing oil and covering pores.< /p>

There ispaul & joethe unique fragrance of home powder span>😃

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Yami 특선



☀️ Orbis|防晒霜(清爽版)

🌟 快速出门必备


不想防晒primer化妆层层叠,又不愿顶着一张素颜,于是我拿出了偷懒法宝——Orbis 防晒隔离❗️


基本涂完这个再拍一层paul & joe的防晒粉饼加强一下,就可以清爽出门了~


☀️ Paul & Joe |限量版防晒粉饼



自带SPF25 PA++ 的粉饼,色号001.

粉质超细,定妆补妆都特别好用. 粉扑是细细的绒毛,抓粉了还不错~


paul & joe家粉饼特有的香香的味道😃