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Recommendation of good things for cakes (7)

🌸 Eve by Eve's |Lavender Moisturizing Cleansing Oil 🌸

It's no exaggeration to say that this is me Mobile Oilfield< span class="s2">·cake used for a while The most refreshing cleansing oil.. 

Like the eyeshadow palette, I was addicted to all kinds of poses as soon as it arrived.

🌿In order to cooperateLavenderThis theme highlights the simplicity and cleanliness of the bottle, which is pure white. I even dismantled the sachet I bought at the lavender garden last year and poured out a lot of lavender seeds as props . 

So this batch of photos was taken with the natural herbal smell of lavender..

Eve by Eve's The quality and appearance of the home are also online. 

Light as a puddle of water, flowing slowly.

The emulsification is fast and the makeup removal power is also well controlled. Guaranteed to remove makeup At the same time, it will not be pulled dry due to the strong cleansing power.

Praised in the previous postEve by Eve's The ingredients are good, now come A Simple Look at Cleansing Oil.

🌱 The moisturizing power comes from the addition of grapefruit extract, which softens the skin and provides Smell adds freshness.

🌱 Sakura leaves reduce redness and calm skin< span class="s2">.

🌱 The light scent of lavender makes makeup removal more enjoyable< /span>.

is an excellent cleansing oil.

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Yami 특선


🌸 Eve by Eve‘s |薰衣草保湿卸妆油 🌸

毫不夸张说,这是我 移动油田· 一段时间以来用过最清爽的卸妆油了. 




Eve by Eve’s 家的品质与颜值同样在线. 


乳化快速度快,卸妆力也把控得很好. 保证卸妆彻底的同时,不至于因洁净力太强而拔干.

上一篇称赞过Eve by Eve’s 家的成分好,现在来简单看看卸妆油.

🌱 保湿力来自于添加了柚子萃取,柔软皮肤,同时为气味增加清爽气息.

🌱 樱花叶成分减少泛红兼镇静皮肤.

🌱 薰衣草淡淡的香味,让卸妆过程变得更为享受.