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Dryness in Autumn|Shan Bee Garden Grapefruit Honey

Cantonese believe in autumn dryness, and believe that the weather in autumn is dry, which can easily cause symptoms such as dry mouth, cough, sore throat, and lung damage . 

Therefore, most of the tonic in autumn is mainly nourishing.

When I live at home, of course, my mother's brand of soup and dessert is indispensable, but living alone and lazy to make stews, how to nourish yin and promote body fluid?

The easiest way is to drink a glass of honey water every morning🥃

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Fir Bee Garden|Pomelo Honey

Wash grapefruit honey with cold water on an empty stomach in the morning and drink it slowly.

Honey water has the effect of regulating the stomach and promoting bowel movements. After drinking honey Go to the bathroom with water🚻Sit and develop the habit of regular bowel movements, which can improve habitual constipation .

Fir Bee Garden's bottle is super cute, and the lid is tender mint green.

The rounded angle looks like a baby bottle.

The mouth of the bottle is narrowed for easy pouring. 


In the past, my mother would buy royal jelly or winter honey and let me swallow a spoonful in the morning on an empty stomach, and then slowly take it with cold water . But a spoonful of honey is so sweet that even though it's smooth it's a little hard to swallow. 0 p0

Comparatively speaking, I prefer honey water and grapefruit honey. Although the effects are discounted, they are delicious and healthy.

ps: After all, honey contains fructose, so don’t drink too much~

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蜂蜜水有调节肠胃,促进肠蠕动的功效. 喝完蜂蜜水就去洗手间🚻坐一坐,养成定时排便习惯,对习惯性便秘有改善作用.





以前妈妈会买蜂王浆或冬蜜,早上让我先空腹吞下一勺,再慢慢用凉开水送服. 但是一勺蜂蜜实在太甜了,即使很顺滑还是觉得有点难咽.