Excellent body wash recommendation

🍊 White Conc DimensionCShower Gel

This is a refreshing grapefruit scent with a refreshing and excellent bath feeling.

The brand focuses on whitening. Although I don't think that the foam that only stays on the body for a few minutes can work, I am still happy to have this psychological hint~

The most important thing is that this taste is too appetizing. 

The usual feeling of Japanese shower gels, the foam is very rich. Play with a bath ball Bubble turned himself into a bubble man..

If this shower has a big bottle with a press bottle, I would like it more~❤️❤️ p>

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🍊 White Conc C沐浴露




日系沐浴露的一贯感受,泡沫非常丰沛. 用沐浴球打泡简直把自己变成一个泡泡人了.