Love butter cookies! ! ! ! The small sauce fish that likes the taste of pickled peppers is very spicy and delicious! Love the wafers Love all the snacks in bourbon! The egg rolls are also delicious! I don't like bean curd that much... Personally, I think the taste is not as good as dried tofu and fish tofu! Hawthorn slices, as always, love!
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喜欢黄油曲奇!!!!喜欢泡椒味的小汁鱼很辣很好吃!喜欢威化 喜欢bourbon的所有零食!蛋卷也超好吃!对豆板筋没那么喜欢…个人觉得口感不如豆干和鱼豆腐!山楂片一如既往的喜欢!