Yami 특선

Super delicious milk tea cake that is consistent with the advertisement

All of you little fairies have bought snacks that are inconsistent with the advertised pictures~

It looks very tempting and delicious on the advertisement, but when the real thing is opened, it is often disappointed first. 

But this afternoon tea is available limited time 's milk tea cakes are really consistent~

A fluffy, tea-flavored cake with a smooth milk tea-flavored cream filling.

Completely highlight the strict selection of high-quality black tea by the afternoon tea brand itself.  

If you like tea-flavored pastries, don't miss it. Inside The filling will be sweeter, but the black tea flavor on the cake is really delicious.

A box is individually packaged for easy portability~

I beg Yami to buy this, it's really delicious~

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Yami 특선




但是这个午后红茶推出 期间限定 的奶茶小蛋糕,真的是一致呀~



如果你喜欢茶味浓郁的糕点,千万不要错过呀. 内馅会比较甜,但是蛋糕上的红茶味实在太太太好吃了.