Yami 특선
Seeing the grass growing on the tubing, after trying it out in the store, I felt that it was still growing, so I bought this Dior makeup remover. advantage: Very nice and gentle to use, no need to wash off and no skin irritation First-class makeup remover See Figure 2 Smells great, light floral scent The moisturizing power is strong, and the moisturizing degree of the part where the makeup remover was used on the arm immediately increased by 1%, and then maintained until the next day (28.1 >> 27.9). The unused portion was very dry the next day (24%) shortcoming: Makeup remover needs to be r0 by hand for a while, not the kind of very quick makeup remover The above will become my annual favorites
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Yami 특선 看油管种草,店内试用后觉得依然种草,于是就买了这款Dior的卸妆乳。 优点: 使用感非常好且温和,无需清洗也不刺激皮肤 卸妆力一流 见图二 味道超级好闻 淡淡的花香 保湿力强,胳膊用了卸妆乳的部分 滋润度立刻上升了1%,然后保持到第二天(28.1 >> 27.9)。而不用的部分第二天皮肤就很干燥(24%) 缺点: 卸妆需要用手揉上一段时间,并不是那种非常快的卸妆乳 以上,会变成我的年度爱用品