Yami 특선
Uncle Tongdao✖️Yami Unboxing 😘 The first wave of spikes arrived today! Shipped yesterday and arrived today, the first time it was so fast! All the things I killed in a flash have arrived! It's so cute to see the new packaging of the box! This is the first time I know my fellow uncle and these twelve constellation dolls I really like the little panda of Cancer 🐼 After using the points, I only have a dozen knives in this box🤣 The best in the box 😘 🌟 Monkey Mushroom Rice: If I don't like breakfast, I will make rice to warm my stomach in the morning. After all, rice noodles are made from ten kinds of medicinal foods, which are very healthy. I have eaten the original Monkey Mushroom rice thin, and this is the first time I bought the sesame flavored one. This time there is a spike, of course, you can't let it go! 🌟Blue Pill Mask: This mask can be said to have a very good moisturizing effect. After applying the mask, my face is very soft. This mask is the go-to for a hydrating mask! 🌟D-Plus Matcha Bread: I rely on this brand of bread in the morning. Sometimes it is convenient to take it to school to eat. The bread is very fluffy. But a little bit of matcha flavor. Finally send that postcard! It's a pity the postcard didn't write anything 😭
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Yami 특선 同道大叔✖️亚米 开箱记😘 第一波秒杀的东西今天寄到了! 昨天发货今天就到了,还真是第一次这么快! 我秒杀的东西全部都到了! 看到箱子的新包装好可爱啊! 第一次知道同道大叔和这十二星座玩偶 好喜欢巨蟹座的小熊猫🐼 用了积分,我这一箱才十几刀🤣 箱子里最满意的😘 🌟猴菇米稀:不爱吃早餐的我早上会冲米稀暖暖胃。毕竟米稀是用十种药食制成的,非常健康。吃过原味的猴菇米稀,这次第一次买芝麻味的。这次有秒杀当然不可以放过了! 🌟蓝药丸面膜:这个面膜可以说是补水效果非常好的。敷完面膜脸很水嫩。这款面膜是补水面膜的首选! 🌟D-Plus 抹茶味面包:我早上就是靠这牌子的面包。有时候带去学校吃,好方便啊。面包很松软。但是有点吃不吃抹茶味。 最后送上那张明信片!很可惜明信片没有写任何东西😭