Hope for the stars ✨ Looking forward to the moon 🌙 The 📦 from Yamibuy's fellow Daoist finally received it! Such a cute pattern, I love it 💕! As always, Yamibuy packs Fragile products carefully. Thanks for your hard work! Well, I'm going to pack, for each piece, "in storage." Hmm... Eat a pack of 🍪 biscuits first to boost your energy.
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盼星星✨ 盼月亮🌙 亚米网同道大叔的📦终于收到啦! 好可爱的图案,很喜欢💕! 亚米网一如既往,细心地打包Fragile的商品。 辛苦了! 好了,我要收拾了,为每一件,“入库”。 嗯……先吃一包🍪饼干,增加一下能量。