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Biscuits' Favorite Empty Bottle Award of the Year (1)

🌟🌟 Takami Skin Toner 🌟🌟

2018 went by fast,11It’s mid-month, and it’s time to summarize annual favorite of cakes.

What I want to talk about today is2018I repurchased the most and the most in the second half of the year. RecommendedTakamiSkin Toner.

To tell you the truth, I used it relatively late. When everyone knew about this baby, I scoffed at it, thinking that so many recommendations were just a little sweet potato frying routine again< span class="s1">.

Well, it smells so good🙂

Regardless of celebrity recommendations and beauty sharing, it’s not as practical as trying it yourself. Review your skin condition and needs.

Although I have sensitive skin, I also have acne-prone skin with mixed oil in summer and winter. It is easy to block pores due to non-absorption by the skin, causing closed mouth and acne.. 

Find the cause and look at the solution.

In addition to various extracts, the ingredients listed in this keratin conditioner also include citric acid.. < span class="s2">Citric acid can help exfoliate and open up some blocked pores, so it is effective for closed mouth.

The above is the most valuable part of this conditioner for me.

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Yami 특선


🌟🌟 Takami 角质调理液 🌟🌟

2018过得飞快,11月中了,也是时候总结一下 饼饼的年度最爱了.




无论各种名人推荐、美妆分享,都不及自己试一试来得实际. 看回自己的肤质状况和需求.



这款角质调理液标示的成分除了各种提取物,还有很重要的柠檬酸. 柠檬酸可以帮助去角质,打开一些堵塞的毛孔,所以对闭口有效果.