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The Empty Bottle in October (middle)


It's me again, it's Amway time again in the dead of night~

Today is still using empty bottles to promote October's favorite products.

🌟🌟 Koh Gen DoGangwon-do Makeup Remover 🌟🌟 p>

This is the last bottle of Kangwon-do Cleansing Water in stock this year, and it’s finally used up~

Starting from2014 entering the pit, two bottles of makeup remover every year. The water has been used continuously, and it has been adhered to for 55years~ < /span>Sprinkle your own flowers🎉

However, the best things will be discounted with age and skin texture.. 

In recent months, I feel that the makeup remover+the cotton pads are too abrasive, Maybe it's because I'm getting older and pay more attention to my skin. And I feel that my skin is a little dry after removing makeup, so I silently replace it withFarmacy's makeup remover.

🌟🌟 Alegenst Retinol Serum 🌟🌟

Autumn and winter are coming, and sensitive skin is the enemy when the seasons change.

I don't have enough hydration, and my skin is dry and red; I want to switch to a more moisturizing lotion, and I will soon show signs of breakouts.

A scoop of tears😢

Fortunately I have a secret weapon for changing seasons ———

🌟 Agenist Advanced Retinol Serum

The main ingredient, retinol, is a fat-soluble vitaminAacids< /span>. AAcid has anti-acne and anti-wrinkle effects, but it is irritating and can easily cause redness and peeling< span class="s1">. and retinol is much milder and more suitable for daily use.

This serum also adds ceramides3 and squalane, etc. Moisturizing ingredients to smooth skin while removing acne.

This works to restore stability to the skin, oil control and anti-acne effect are very good. Running out of travel clothes and just waitingsephora8stocking up on dresses.

💡Retinol products should be protected from light, and it is better to use them only at night~

🌟🌟 Caudalie Vinopure skin perfecting serum🌟🌟 p>

As early as10at the beginning of the month, a large grape family was planted VinopureThis new line for oily skinline.

Because of trustingCaudalie home for many years, I am stocking up now Full $125, change setVinopure< span class="s2">Water, Serum & Matte Cream.

This set of giveaways kicked off my love for this bottle of pore-reducing serum.

🍇 Slightly sticky texture, smooth and easy to spread on the face< /span>. After absorption, there will be a feeling of tightness, just like it can really shrink the pores..

🌱 Although it's not as immediate as shrinking pores, but this month After using it, I still feel that the pores around the nose are much cleaner, and the skin tone is even.Invisible< span class="s1">”effects.

This medium sample bottle is empty, I bought the full size and used it immediately✌️

Tonight's chat+The empty bottle is here, the rest Continue tomorrow night~

If you like it, remember to give me a like~❤️

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🌟🌟 Koh Gen Do江原道 卸妆水 🌟🌟


2014年入坑算起,每年两大一小三瓶卸妆水不断档地用,至今已经坚持5年啦~ 自己撒个花🎉


最近几个月觉得卸妆水+化妆棉摩擦太大了,可能是年纪大了更注重自己的脸皮. 而且卸妆后觉得皮肤有点干,所以默默换成Farmacy的卸妆膏了.

🌟🌟 Alegenst 视黄醇精华 🌟🌟




幸好我有换季秘密武器 ———

🌟 AgenistAdvanced Retinol Serum

主打成分视黄醇,是脂溶性维生素A酸类物质. A酸有对抗痤疮和祛皱的作用,但刺激性大,容易引起发红脱皮. 而视黄醇则温和多了,更适合日常使用.


这管用下来皮肤恢复稳定,控油抗痘效果都很好. 旅行装用完了恰好等着sephora8囤货正装.


🌟🌟 Caudalie Vinopure skin perfecting serum🌟🌟

早在10月初,就种草了大葡萄家 Vinopure这条油皮专属的新line.



🍇 稍黏稠的质地,抹在脸上滑腻易推开. 吸收后会有紧绷感,就像真的能把毛孔紧紧收缩起来一样.

🌱 虽然不是真的马上收毛孔那么立竿见影,不过这一个月用下来,还是觉得鼻翼周围的毛孔干净很多,在肤色均匀上达到一定的隐形效果.