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The Empty Bottle of Cakes|AHC Hyaluronic Acid B5 Hydrating Essence

Hello everyone, I'm Bicake~

Empty bottles are the most convincing expressions of love.

💧 We all know that hyaluronic acid has a strong hydrating ability .

In fact, hyaluronic acid is also called [sodium hyaluronate], which is a component of our own body, which naturally exists in the keratinous skin. Because it can absorb many times its own weight in water, it prevents water loss through the epidermis to a certain extent. p>

BUT, hyaluronic acid can only store water, but it has no ability to lock water~

When the environment is dry, the water in the hyaluronic acid will continue to evaporate into the air. 

Therefore, hyaluronic acid needs to be used together with other moisturizing ingredients in order to exert a greater moisturizing effect.

💧 vitaminsB5 , which is the ingredient list of this essence [panthenol]. It is easier to penetrate the stratum corneum and has a moisturizing effect.. Although it is not clear how much panthenol is added, but It does work with glycerin to make hyaluronic acid a better moisturiser.

💧 If you are prone to acne like me, you just need the 【 Purslane Extract], because of its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this essence can be used safely.

⚠️ But if you are a 【pregnant mother🤰】I dare not recommend it easily~

This essence has a lot of extracts added, but, natural plant extracts are also medicinal ingredients. 

I have seen some skin care gods mentioned that [natural does not mean absolutely safe]. Let's not talk about the various chemical components in the extract that we non-professionals do not understand. Just looking at various plants, how do we know which complex components are allergic to?. 

Mothers, you should study it carefully~

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Yami 특선

饼饼的空瓶记|AHC 玻尿酸B5补水精华



💧 大家都知道玻尿酸有很强的补水能力.

其实玻尿酸也叫【透明质酸钠】,是我们人体自有的一个成分,天然存在在角质皮肤中. 因为它可以吸收其自身重量很多倍水分,一定程度上阻止水分经表皮流失.




💧 维生素B5,也就是这款精华的成分表里【泛醇】. 它比较容易渗透角质层,有保湿的效果. 虽然不清楚添加泛醇的分量有几多,但它和甘油的共同作用也确实能使玻尿酸发挥更好的保湿作用.

💧 如果像我一样容易长痘,正好需要精华里的【马齿苋提取物】,看中它的抗敏抗炎成分,那这款精华大可以安心使用.

⚠️ 但如果你是【孕妇宝妈🤰】实在不敢轻易推荐呀~


看过一些护肤大神都提及过一点,【天然不等于绝对安全】. 先不说提取物中各种我们非专业人士不懂的化学成分,单看各种植物,我们又怎知道哪些复杂的成分就是自己过敏的呢.