I received the fourth package of Double Eleven today, just before Black Friday. The happiest thing is that I received the water sign constellation card! Monkey Hey Sen! Although the previous three pictures were all earth signs, this wave can be regarded as the constellation of our family of three 😂 The package I arrived this time has seckill products, and I can only grab the ones that are not too many people grabbing at my hand speed. Both masks are in the mentality of trying. I often drink green tea, and the bottom of the sea. You can prepare the hot pot at any time with the bottom ingredients ready. It is worth mentioning that this time I also included a baby toothbrush. Since his teeth are fully grown, he often bites the toothbrush when brushing his teeth. It is also considered to be the same item that consumes very quickly. Soft, looking forward to using it 😉
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今天收到双十一的第四个包裹啦,赶在黑五前收到,最开心的是我收到了水相星座卡啦!猴嗨森!虽然之前三张都是土相,这一波也算是集齐了我们三口之家的星座😂 这次到的包裹有秒杀产品,我那个手速也就只能抢到没太多人抢的😂,两款面膜都是抱着尝试的心态入的,绿茶是我常喝哒,还有海底捞底料备着可以随时准备火锅。 值得一提的是,这次还入了宝宝牙刷,自从他牙齿长全后就经常在刷牙的时候咬牙刷,也算是消耗非常快的一样物品了,这次试试这款,据说刷头很软,期待好用😉