Easy to use recommendation|Exfoliating spatula

🔥The exfoliator that has been popular for a long time!

Biscuits were a little expensive when I bought them, but they were super worth it when I bought them back!

Although many people prefer to call it a blackhead shovel, they are really, really [just exfoliating]!

🎀According to the homework I did before I bought it and the introduction of my good friend, the principle of this beauty instrument is to peel off the surface of the skin, which has been peeled off. The waste horny is removed in a high-speed vibration mode.. 

🎀The use of the exfoliator is to use the spray in one hand after washing your face/< /span>Fill a small watering can with water, hold the exfoliator in one hand, and a clean tissue. 

Wet your face with the spray while gently pushing away the dirt with the metal spatula of the instrument. 

You can wipe the shoveled blackheads and old keratin on the facial tissue first, or you can rinse it under running water before shoveling.

⚠️Fairies, please don't shovel your face! ! ! Be gentle with your cute little faces❤️

🌟🌟 repoLet's do more with less: 0 p0

1⃣️ After using Xinlan Jelly Mask/Cucumber Mask, use a small spatula While vibrating to remove the residue on the face, a little bit of acne that has been swelled and loosened by the stratum corneum is shoveled away;

2⃣️ Wash it with the cleaning mud film, and use the above method to take the small Moisturizer to rehydrate while scraping away pimples that have been brought out of the skin.

Either way, remember the main point and stay wet! Don't just torture your good skin~

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🌟🌟 repo一下我的事半功倍用法:

1⃣️ 使用欣兰冻膜/青瓜面膜后,用小铲子一边震动清掉脸上的残留,一点带在已被泡涨角质层而松动的粉刺铲走;

2⃣️ 用清洁泥膜后洗干净,边用上述方法拿小喷雾器补水,边把已带出皮肤表面的粉刺刮走.