Chuchu🍓🍓🍓Winter wear~ Join the topic~ The milky white down coat is a bit expensive but easy to wear~ Let's show it again. It's snowing heavily today ❄❄❄ I went out to take pictures of the snow scene, but I came back after going out for a while~ This coat is very ladylike~ It's just that the zipper is not very easy to use, but seeing that it looks so good, I let go of this small shortcoming. It can still keep warm when the weather is not particularly cold. Of course, it is not as hungry as Canada, but it is smug and beautiful. I also bought a similar style of duck down. This year, I like milky white, but I can't help it. It's here for everyone to show~ Although you need to keep warm like a ball in winter, don't forget the beauty~ The hat in the last picture is from free people. I bought it at a discount on Thanksgiving last year~ I’m happy~
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楚楚🍓🍓🍓冬日穿搭~ 参与一下话题吧~ 奶白色羽绒大衣有点贵 但是好穿~ 再秀一下 今天下大雪 ❄❄❄ 出去拍雪景啦 结果出去一小会就回来了 ~ 这个大衣很淑女~就是拉锁不是很好用 但是看到它颜值这么高 就放过这个小缺点了 天气不是特别冷的时候还是可以保暖哒 当然没有加拿大饿保暖 但是臭美就是它啦 我还买了个类似款式鸭绒的 今年喜欢奶白色没办法 到货了给大家秀哦~ 冬天虽然需要像个球一样保暖 但是不要忘记美美哒~ 最后一张图的帽子是free people的 去年感恩节打折买的~喜翻~