Yami 특선
【Shiseido Urea Medicated Hand Cream】 I bought this hand cream after reading a lot of good reviews. It is not sticky or greasy. After applying it for a while, it feels like it penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, which is not an exaggeration at all. When I come and go in the United States, I only buy those brands, but their ingredients are very oily. If I have to remove the cap immediately after applying it, it will really embarrass me. And Shiseido's one has both deep moisturizing effect and odorless, which is very suitable for those girls with sensitive skin. I always like to have dry skin on the edges of my fingernails, but I always use nail clippers to cut it. Well, this will finally find a radical hand cream. No longer afraid of dry skin. Easy to use and not expensive. It is said that the hand is the second face of a woman. Usually, you need to touch the water when doing laundry and washing dishes. The hand is not as delicate as the eldest lady. Daily maintenance of hands can only start with hand cream 😼 Personally, I don't like hand creams that are too fragrant. I feel like everyone will smell it when I apply it on my hands. I'm embarrassed, and it's not good to affect my colleagues next door when I'm at work. Moisturizing is just right, the most important thing is not greasy. I like this very much! The small particles you see in this hand cream are urea collagen particles (urea essence), which can penetrate quickly with massage, which is equivalent to making a simple hand mask. Overall it's pretty good, the longer you apply it, the drier and more moisturised your hands will feel. Must be added to the repo list! 💪
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Yami 특선 【资生堂尿素药用护手霜】 我看了蛮多好评才买的这款护手霜,不黏糊糊,也不油呼呼的。涂上一会就感觉渗入肌肤底层了,一点也不夸张。 在美国来来去去也就买那几个牌子的,但他们的成分都很油,涂完要我马上拔笔盖的话,那真是为难我。 而资生堂的这款既有深层滋润效果,又无气味,很适合那些敏感肌的妹子。 我的手指甲的边边老爱干皮,可老用指甲钳剪也不是办法呀,闲来无事就爱摸摸,然后又忍不住想要去解决掉。 好了,这会终于找到根治的手霜了。 再也不怕干皮了。 好用且不贵。 都说手是女人的第二张脸,平常洗衣洗碗都要碰水的,手可不像大小姐一样细腻。日常保养手就只能从手霜入手了😼 个人不喜欢太香的护手霜,涂个手都感觉谁谁都要闻到似的,怪不好意思,而且主要我在上班的时候影响到隔壁同事就不好了。 滋润度正好,最重要的是不油腻。这点我非常喜欢! 这款护手霜你们看见的小颗粒就是尿素胶原蛋白粒(尿素精华),配合按摩,快速渗透,相当于做了个简易版手膜。 总体来说很不错,涂的时间越久,你会感觉手越干爽越滋润。必须加入回购列表!💪