Dead houses are justified because they have them

        Dead House, One more reason——The delicious food is all at home👋< /span>.

        at Mi Village , used to keep buying, buying, stocking and trying, 💢there will always be a style that will make my life Full of surprises.

        For example in < /span>CostcoBuy an American-style fried dough stick, let it cool and dip it in enough oil to spritz with hot peppers, that is a proper spicy fried dough stick!  

        For example, Buy some hash browns at Target, fry them in the air fryer until crispy, sprinkle with cumin, call Laoganma mushroom sauce, That's the spicy hot pot~

        Follow me Kind of dead house to be friends!

        will draw a Painting, but also know how to eat, but also cheap and cute! Ouch, I am happy to come to my house!


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