A dead house who doesn't know how to handcraft is not a good painter

       No one recently I ordered my advertisement card and the like🤔, so I made a handmade pouch in my spare time, which can be used as a cosmetic bag or as a cosmetic bag. Pen case😋

       Because of storage, I sorted out the pieces of cloth I bought at Walmart, so I tried to make a bag after integration!

        It's still white The most versatile, it doesn't matter if it gets dirty, it looks good anyway. Polkadot will be lively! You can't go wrong with a simple block collage

        😍 span>The key point is the bow🎀It is also great to sew it yourself!

         before I can only sew buttons, and now I can even sew the little tricks in it!

Whoops ^ _ ^How can life be so much fun?

The dead house is really small and fortunate!

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哎呦 ^ _ ^人生怎么会有这么多乐趣?