🌟This time, the second child took Amazon's welcome baby box. 🌟When I had a baby, I also applied for Walmart, Target and Amazon. However, the business is unfamiliar, and I didn't get the last one 😂😂 🌟 In the past two years, I have been in the North American Money Saving Express, and I saw that everyone is a master of all kinds of deals! I also learned a lot of deal skills with everyone, and this time I finally got two for my second child😆😆😆 🌟This Amazon box also contains many samples: diapers, wet wipes, gauze wraps, baby bottles, body lotion and more. 🌟You can go to the North American Money Saving Express, there are many guide articles written by experts, you can get more free baby products ❤️❤️ # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 超级辣妈计划 # # 什么值得买 #
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🌟这次二胎拿了Amazon的welcome baby box。 🌟生大宝的时候,我也申请过Walmart、Target和Amazon的。但是,业务不熟,到最后一个都没有拿到手😂😂 🌟这两年混迹北美省钱快报,看着大家都是各种撸deal高手!我也跟着大家学习了不少撸deal技巧,这次二胎终于拿到两个了😆😆😆 🌟这套Amazon的box也是包含很多样品:尿布,湿纸巾,纱布包布,奶瓶,润肤露等等。 🌟大家可以去北美省钱快报,有很多达人写的攻略文章,可以拿到更多的免费婴儿产品哦❤️❤️ # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 超级辣妈计划 # # 什么值得买 #