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Breakfast punch day 1 ~ healthy corn grits porridge

Compared to milk oatmeal or bread for breakfast, I prefer my children to eat healthy porridge and side dishes and eat nutritious eggs🥚, but Yami's corn grits porridge has been out of stock for a long time. I will try Bob's Red today. Mill's Corn Grits, this is a relatively thick yellow cornmeal. I didn't expect the cooked polenta to be delicate and smooth, sweet and unexpectedly delicious, but I prefer Yami's organic polenta porridge. ♥


Polenta means (cooked with cornmeal, etc.) porridge. Corn is a common grain that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. This thicker cornmeal has uniform and clean particles without black particles. It can be mixed with milk and cheese. To make Corn Grits, it can also be cooled and solidified to make corn cakes.  



1. Cooking porridge 

1⃣️3 Cups of water + 1/4 of a pinch of salt to boil 


2⃣️Add 1Cup of Corn Grits (for 4 people), turn to low heat and stir with a wooden spoon in one direction for about 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and remove 


3⃣️Cover with a small lid and simmer for about 3-5 minutes, the coarse corn kernels are completely soft and delicate! Polenta is of great help to children's intellectual development. It is the most nutritious breakfast for children. Be careful when drinking it 


Recommended for babies who love to drink porridge, and finally beg Yami to restock quickly♥

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Yami 특선


相比牛奶麦片或者面包做早餐,我更愿意孩子们喝健康的清粥小菜、吃营养的鸡蛋🥚,无奈亚米的玉米渣粥缺货缺货很久久 ,今天尝试Bob‘s Red Mill 的Corn Grits,这是一款比较粗的黄色玉米面,没想到煮出来的玉米粥细腻顺滑,味道香甜,出乎意料的也非常好吃,不过更喜欢亚米的有机款玉米渣粥呢♥


Polenta 意思是(玉米面等煮的)粥,玉米是一种常见的杂粮,含多种维生素和矿物质,这款较粗的玉米面,颗粒均匀干净没有黑色颗粒,可以跟牛奶,cheese一起做Corn Grits,也可以放凉凝固后做玉米发糕。 




1⃣️3Cups 水+1/4的少许盐把水煮沸 


2⃣️加入1Cup的Corn Grits(4口人的份量),转小火用木勺沿着一个方向搅动大概5分钟后关火移开