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[Fried Chicken Kitchen] Two simple ingredients to make super healthy sweet potato🍠PANCAKE🥞

"Breakfast (Lunch) Meal Punch Day 5" / Drop, Punch Day 24 / Today, I'm finally posting a recipe that is more like breakfast, and I can finally combine the two activities justifiably

I saw a roasted sweet potato left over from yesterday at breakfast today, but I am really tired of sweet potatoes these past few days, so I might as well make a pancake.

Although the appearance may not be as outstanding as the pancakes I made before, but this one is really healthy, low-carb, low-fat, and low-sugar.

There are actually two kinds of raw materials: a sweet potato 🍠 (about 150g) with two eggs 🥚

I also added a little cinnamon powder, vanilla extract, if the sweet potato is not sweet enough, you can add some sugar~

Cooked sweet potatoes are mashed, and the sweet potatoes do not need to be roasted, steamed, or cooked in the microwave!

Separate egg white and yolk, add egg yolk to sweet potato mash

Add vanilla extract and cinnamon powder, skip this step and mix well

Egg white (you can add a little lemon juice) to fluffy, no need to hard foam

Add the whipped egg whites to the sweet potato batter and mix with a spatula to form a muffin batter

Grease the pan with a layer of oil, add the muffin batter, and fry over a low heat. I will cover the pan and simmer for about three minutes until the bottom is fixed before turning it over.

*Because this one is not floured, it is easy to crack, so be careful turning it over

After turning over, turn the heat on low for about a minute or two, because the sweet potatoes are already cooked.

Because I used Japanese sweet potatoes, the color is not as beautiful, but the taste is good hahaha.

In fact, the taste is basically the sweet sweet potato taste. It is not so choking when made into muffins, and the flavor is much richer with spices, which is very suitable for breakfast.

Would you like to have a taste~

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Yami 특선


『早(午)餐打卡第五天』/滴,打卡第24天/ 今天终于来发一个比较像早餐的食谱啦,也终于可以名正言顺的把两个活动结合起来啦



原料其实就两种: 一个番薯🍠(约150g)配两个鸡蛋🥚