Edible "milk tea" - Earl Grey Milk Tea Sauce☕️ ——————————————— My favorite is Earl Grey tea~ Twinings Earl Grey is the most classic flavor With a little bergamot aroma, the taste is unique and delicious! In addition to making milk tea, it is also used to make cakes and breads This time I made it into a milk tea sauce to eat with toast 🤫 Friends who like to drink milk tea☕️ don't let this spread 🙈 The combination of milk and tea is really delicious! The boiled milk tea sauce will be darker and longer like chocolate sauce The role of granulated sugar is to solidify, I have reduced the amount If you are still afraid that it will be too sweet, you can add more black tea bags to reconcile I used a little sugar substitute, its own sweetness is not as high as granulated sugar Of course, it is also lower in calories than sugar, and you can choose according to your own situation. I use this ratio to make the sweetness moderate and the tea fragrance strong enough It's okay if you don't have tea bags, there's no hard and fast rule ㊙️ practice ㊙️ Whipped Cream 200g Milk 🥛250g 50g sugar (I used 30g sugar substitute and 20g white sugar) 5 earl grey tea bags 1. Throw the whipped cream, milk and tea bags into the milk pot over low heat To boil, you can press the tea bag to let the tea come out. 2. It doesn't matter if the tea bag will be broken, and the tea will be brewed and then fished out. Put in the sugar and turn to medium heat and continue to cook until the soup starts to thicken and the fluidity is relatively small. You can turn off the heat. This step takes time and requires patience. 3. Put the boiled milk tea sauce in an airtight container scalded with hot water. After cooling, store it in the refrigerator and eat it within two weeks. Refrigerated milk tea sauce will solidify on its own. If you use it to spread bread, you can dig a little and heat it up and it will melt. # 我的早餐打卡 # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 亚米厨房 #
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可以吃的“奶茶” —— 伯爵奶茶酱☕️ ———————————————— 红茶里我最喜欢的是格雷伯爵茶~ 川宁的Earl Grey是最经典的一个味道 带有些许佛手柑香气味道很独特很好喝! 除了泡成奶茶也用它来做过蛋糕和面包 这次把它做成奶茶酱用来抹吐司一起吃🤫 喜欢喝奶茶☕️的朋友不要放过这个抹酱🙈 奶香和茶香结合在一起真的非常好吃! 熬出来的奶茶酱颜色会偏深长的像巧克力酱 砂糖起到的作用是凝固我已经减少用量了 还是怕会很甜的话可以多加红茶包来调和 我用了一点代糖它自身甜度没有砂糖高 当然也比砂糖低卡路里按照自己的情况选择 我用这个比例熬出来甜度适中茶香也够浓郁 如果没有茶包茶叶也是可以的哦没有硬性规定 ㊙️做法㊙️ 淡奶油 200g 牛奶🥛250g 砂糖 50g(我用了30g代糖20g白砂糖) 伯爵茶包 5个 1.把淡奶油和牛奶还有茶包一起丢进奶锅小火 煮,可以压一压茶包让茶发挥出来。 2.茶包会破掉没有关系,茶煮出香味后捞出来。放入砂糖转中火继续熬煮至汤汁开始浓稠流动性比较小的时候就可以关火,这一步比较耗时间要耐心。 3.把熬好的奶茶酱装入用热水烫过的密封容器里,冷却后放冰箱保存两周内吃掉就可以。冷藏过的奶茶酱会自己凝固。用来抹面包的话可以挖一点稍微加热就会化开了。 # 我的早餐打卡 # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 亚米厨房 #