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Empty bottles are recommended for good goods | Pantene Silicone Free Micron Shampoo

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🥰 The bottle is finally empty, you can come with true feelings I recommend this shampoo to everyone~~

🌱 Since watching the show and being planted by Wu Yilin, Just been looking around for this shampoo. known as" span>Beauty serum for hair, usemicellarmicron particles, deeply cleanse the scalp, remove dirt and oil.  And this shampoo is added with hair conditioner to improve the dryness problem that is unavoidable in general silicone-free shampoos. After shampooing, the hair is still smooth and not tangled.

❤️ Finally bought this day at Yamibuy The version of Pantene has been used for two and a half months, and the deepest feeling is, no! often! Full! meaning! Also! miss! back! purchase!

Aboutmicron particles"This technology, I am not embarrassed to brag about this technology. It's really no exaggeration to wash it clean, especially for scalp care. Most Shampoos are recommended not to touch the scalp to avoid residual shampoo that can clog hair follicles and reduce irritation.

🌱 But this shampoo is Massage the scalp and hair roots after soaking. 

In addition to washing away the dirt between the hair strands, it also removes dandruff, scalp oil, and reduces the greasy smell of the scalp. And the scalp can feel slightly cool during the shampooing process.

🌱 My hair does look fluffy after washing , especially the hair root part, there is a kind of relaxed feeling. But the first time I tried it, I didn't buy a matching package

Conditioner, feel a little dry at the end of long hair. The next time I repurchase shampoo, I will buy a conditioner and use it together~

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Yami 특선


 # 饼饼牌种草机 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 2019空瓶记 #

🥰 终于空瓶了,可以真情实感来跟大家推荐这个洗发水~~

🌱 自从看节目被吴依霖种草之后,就一直四处找这个洗发水. 被誉为头发的美容液,利用micellar微米粒子,深层清洁头皮,去除污垢,带走油脂.  而且这款洗发水加入了护发精华,改善一般无硅油洗发水难避免的干涩问题. 洗发后头发依然顺滑不打结.

❤️ 终于在亚米买到了这款日版的潘婷,两个半月以来的使用,最深切感受就是,非!常!满!意!还!想!回!购!

关于微米粒子这项技术,我这个门外汉就不尬吹了. 洗得干净是真的没夸大效果,特别是针对头皮的洗护. 大部分洗发水都被提倡不要接触头皮,避免残留的洗发水会堵塞毛囊,减少刺激.

🌱 但这款洗发水却是提倡起泡后多按摩头皮发根. 

除了能洗去发丝间脏污,还能去除头屑、头油,并减少头皮油腻的味道. 而洗头过程也能感觉的头皮有轻微凉凉的.

🌱 洗完后头发确实看上去比较蓬松,特别是发根部分,有种轻松的感觉. 不过第一次试,没有买配套的

护发素,觉得长发发尾稍微会有点干. 下次回购洗发水的时候要买护发素一起用~