6th anniversary first order unboxing~

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When I got home from get out of class, I saw Yami's box at the door!

I have to say that it only took two days to deliver to my house after opening the Dongcang.



This is the mask I bought this time. Originally, I bought Blue Pills at Yamibuy for moisturizing and hydrating. However, recently, it was too fluttery, and the skin was dull due to staying up late, so I bought these three models, which all have brightening effects. Do another evaluation when you have time [if I have time]


This is a great buy, honestly my first time< span class="s2">If the taste surprises me, then I may send a small review. If it is normal, let it sink into the sea p>


To be honest, I prefer snow cakes to senbei, but I can't stop me from buying and trying them out

This chicken nugget is also my first time, so...Keep up with Haojia. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


The taste of this potato is unique in China. I used to support the taste of chili and I have been eating it for several years. Recently, when I was talking to people at the stationb, people said honey Butter flavor is also delicious, buy it and try it!


I have been reluctant to buy the Yamivita series after the price increase, and this time I only bought six bottles. I used to be generally 12bottles12Buy the bottle

But lemon tea is really good! !


This is a little surprise! ! I should have been the first to find out that this drink was a buy-one-get-one-free drink on the 6th anniversary, and then I told Liangliang quietly, and then everyone bought it like crazy after sharing it with the crowd.

To be honest, it is really delicious, and the taste of lactic acid bacteria is also a must-buy when I buy Yami recently. If there is still this activity now, I advise everyone to start it as soon as possible


Then we! See you next time with a single!



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