👏🏻Small Press 👏🏻

 I didn't pay for this press , I don't know where my husband got it? This small press has different sizes of pressing cups, one large and one small, with a small amount, put in the picture below 👇🏻

 If the quantity is large, place a similar rectangle In the volumetric flask, it can be turned as long as it is tightened. Oh, there are no buttons! I think it's super convenient, and now I have to rely on my own juice or complementary food without it, haha 😄

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 我这个压榨机不是花钱买的,我不知我老公在哪拿的?这种小型压榨机有分尺寸的榨杯,一大一小,量少的,放下面这张图片里 👇🏻

 要是量多的,就放类似长方形的容量瓶中,只要弄紧就能转动了。没有任何按钮的哦!我觉得超方便多了,现在 我都得靠自己做的榨汁或者辅食离不开它了,哈哈😄