Yami 특선
# 晒单闪现抢积分 ✨Dad's Choice - Lala Pants 👶🏻 Review My baby is now 2️⃣ years old, 28 pounds, the test is XL, and it fits just right! XL size is suitable for babies of 12-17kg, a pack has 42 pieces~ Dad's choice packaging is very clean and tidy, there are no unnecessary patterns, the white packaging is printed with orange fonts 🧡 When you open the inside of the pull-up pants, there is only a very simple pattern, and there is no particularly strong fragrance, it feels very thin and soft! Lala pants have been used by my baby for more than a year, and they are much more convenient than diapers! When the baby is older, he won't lie down and change your diaper 💩 Lala pants only need to be put on in one set. When changing, tear them apart and throw them away~ The first time I used pull-up pants, I bought Huggies at Costco. Usually, there are elastics next to the pull-up pants. Set aside half a pack... Later, I changed to the pampers' pull-up pants. The bottom of the pants is elastic and much soft. It feels very good and I have been using it until now~ Dad's choice of pull-up pants is very similar in design to pampers, and they are very soft, but Dad's choice is relatively light and breathable, which is very suitable for summer use! ☀☀☀ My baby has tried it for a few days and feels good, and there is no red butt, but it is not suitable for use at night! Because of its ultra-thin design, the water absorption is not as good as other brands~ Overall I can give four stars🌟🌟🌟🌟The breathability and softness are very good, it is worth repurchasing‼ ️ 📦Yami is on sale recently, 18.99 a pack! Now in the big summer, mothers can buy a pack for the baby to try~
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Yami 특선 # 晒单闪现抢积分 ## 亚米测评 # # 宝宝必备 # ✨爸爸的选择-拉拉裤👶🏻测评 我家娃现在2️⃣岁,28磅,测评的是XL码,穿上刚刚好!XL码适合12-17kg的宝宝,一包有42片~ 爸爸的选择包装很干净整洁,没有多余的图案,白色的包装印着橙色的字体🧡打开里边拉拉裤也只有很简单的图案,并且没有闻到特别浓的香味,摸起来很薄很柔软! 拉拉裤我家娃已经用了一年多了,比尿布方便太多了!娃大点就不会乖乖躺着给你换尿布了💩拉拉裤只要一套上就好了,换的时候旁边直接撕开扔掉~ 第一次用拉拉裤我是在Costco入的Huggies,一般拉拉裤旁边都是松紧带,Huggies家的有点类似尿布的那种粘贴式的胶面,我家娃旁边都被勒红了,只用了半包就放一边了... 后来就换了pampers家的拉拉裤,裤头是松紧的,并且柔软很多,感觉挺不错的就一直用到现在了~ 爸爸的选择拉拉裤设计和pampers的很像,都很柔软,但是爸爸的选择相对而言更轻薄透气,非常适合夏天使用!☀☀☀ 我家娃试用了几天感觉挺好的,也没有红屁屁,但是比较不适合晚上使用!因为它的超薄设计,吸水度感觉没别的牌子好~ 总的来说可以给四颗星🌟🌟🌟🌟透气性和柔软度都非常不错,值得回购‼️ 📦亚米最近在打折,18.99一包!现在大夏天宝妈们可以买一包给娃试试看~