Prawns in Secret Tomato Sauce This dish is really something I grew up eating. Every holiday or important day, my parents would go to the market to buy the largest shrimp 🦐 to make prawns in tomato sauce In the competition, I used this shrimp to win the second place🥈 The secret is in the soup: Tomato paste + soy sauce + sugar, the amount should be controlled by yourself until the sweet, sour and salty are just right (the next time I make it, remember to add the amount and teach everyone). The rest is relatively simple, wash the prawns, cut the shrimp head into a small mouth to taste, and remove the shrimp line. When the soup is ready, add shrimp to the pot and simmer for a while. Don't waste the soup until the end, dip the steamed buns in the soup, it's super delicious 😋 # 复刻妈妈的拿手菜 #
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秘制茄汁大虾 这道菜真的是我从小吃到大,每逢节日or重要的日子家里爸爸妈妈就会去市场上买最大的虾🦐来做茄汁大虾😋现在变成我的拿手菜,上次公司比赛,我就用这个虾得了第二名🥈 秘诀在于汤汁: 蕃茄酱+酱油+糖,量要自己控制直至甜酸咸刚刚好(下次我做的时候记住加的量再来传授大家)。 剩下的比较简单,大虾洗干净,虾头剪个小口入味,去虾线。汤汁熬好,锅里加虾,小火焖一会即可。汤汁吃到最后不能浪费,用馒头蘸汤汁,超级好吃😋 # 复刻妈妈的拿手菜 #