🌸Sephora Points Redemption Mall is a good place, just go and swipe it if you have nothing to do~ The SK-II skin care kit that was redeemed before, only 250 points can be exchanged for 30ml of fairy water and 15ml of face cream, which is much more cost-effective than 2500 points for a $100 gift card ! 🌸At that time, my family was on a business trip again, so I had no choice but to buy a Sephora Sleeping Mask online with a half price of $2, but only one can be exchanged for one order! His daily business trip is basically to go to bed after get off work, but he had no intention of chatting with him about the point exchange. He suggested that he could help me exchange it in the store, but he helped me exchange 5 sets the next day! correct! I'm here to show off my husband~ Do you have the best husband? ? 🌸I won't introduce the efficacy of the fairy water and the big red bottle face cream in detail. I really love these two for my oily combination skin! The fairy water stabilizes the skin's water-oil balance and is super good. It is the same as the ex-boyfriend's mask when used with Unicharm's cotton pad. I have repurchased it for many years. I don't have to buy face cream this year and next year! # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌸Sephora积分兑换商城是个好地方,没事就去刷一刷~之前兑换的SK-II护肤小套装,只要250积分就能换到30ml神仙水和15ml面霜,比2500积分兑换$100礼卡划算太多! 🌸当时家属又在出差,无奈网上买了个凑单半价$2的丝芙兰睡眠面膜,但是一单只能换一个呀!他出差的日常基本就是下班后视频到睡觉,结果跟他无意聊起来积分兑换这件事,他提议可以帮我去店里兑换,结果第二天帮我兑换了5套!对的!这篇我是来炫夫的~最佳好丈夫有没有!? 🌸神仙水和大红瓶面霜的功效我就不仔细介绍了,我这个混油皮用这两款简直是真爱!神仙水维稳肌肤水油平衡超级棒,配合尤尼佳化妆棉湿敷就跟前男友面膜一样一样的~已回购好多年;至于面霜,我这肤质用着不油,好吸收特保湿~所有的面霜囤货加起来今年明年我都不用买面霜了! # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #