# Happy order Happy life! # 󾠮Daoxiangcun is a Chinese time-honored brand, it was established in 1773 in Qing dynasty. There is a story about Daoxiangcun snacks. 󾠯It is said that hundreds of years ago, Emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty was on his trip to southeast China, unexpectedly, he fell in love with Daoxiangcun snacks there, so after that, he went there almost every year just want to enjoy these delicious snacks. 󾠰Goodnews is that, nowadays even you are in the United States, you can also get these delicious snacks which was honored by Emperor hundreds of years ago, what you could do is just get these snacks here from Yamibuy. 󾠱In these pictures you can see ❤hand tearable bread sticks 💛mini fried dough twist 💚yeast bread with original flavor 💙yeast bread with milk and egg flavor 💜yeast bread with smashed red bean flavor 🔜many more products to choose in the brand picture(picture6) 󾠲I highly recommend you to TRY these snacks, each one has its own flavor, all of them are different from each other.