Its my very first time trying sakura-flavored soda and its sooo special! Do you see how beautiful it looks? The pale pink color is artificial but the

Another peach-flavored snack! The shape of the jelly candy mimics the bottle of Yakult. And you can see the pink peachy filling inside, its so cute!

I love everything related to peach🍑!When I saw this dried peach I knew I had to try it. The semi- dry process guarantees the moist and juicy flavor.

丸金这款奶油年轮是我尝试的第一款年轮蛋糕。它并不是那种口感松软的蛋糕,而是一层一层的质地很紧实。总体味道有点像小时候吃的蜂蜜蛋糕,它的甜度比较高,适合配茶享用。# 动漫季 #

Spring is the season for sakura and matcha! This snack is made of corn and wrapped with matcha chocolate. I like its crunchy texture and strong matcha

The package is so cute and I love strawberry yogirt so I just had to get it! It has 16 individually packed cookies in the box. The left side looks a l


This bread stick looks so cute and yummy! It has 12 sticks in the package. You can immediately smell the milky and creamy flavor once you open the sma

As a seafood lover, I really like it! Soak the glass noodles and all the ingredients in hot water for a few minutes until the noodles become chewy and

Its not instant noodle because you actually have to boil the dry noodles. This is the only packaged noodles that I had that comes with separate soup

This is soooo authentic! It brought me back to those beef noodle restaurants in north China. The noodles are pretty thin so a few minutes of hot water


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