Meco fruit tea must be all in! Peach and pink grapefruit flavor is my favorite. It’s combined peach, grapefruit and tea, the three things taste good t

I enjoyed eating this snack so much! The white chocolate is really good. The dry strawberry is sour which tastes good with the white chocolate. Howeve

Liuliumei is a famous brand in China. They produce prunes. I saw a lot of commercials of Liuliumei. It’s really good that Yamibuy has it! The prune is

First time trying chips in Teppanyaki squid flavor. This wavy chips is better than normal chips. Teppanyaki squid is a street food which tastes very s

Bingrae milk is always good! No matter the banana flavor, Honey drew flavor or Straberry flavor. This strawberry flavor milk is a little sweet than ot

Nice packaging! Glass bottle looks so high end! Yuzu flavor is fresh and rich. The best part is the whole bottle is only 60 calories. It’s sweet but t


I saw the packaging on Yamibuy and I thought it must be good! So I bought the sesame paste gluten. It has the dry gluten, chili oil and sesame paste i

Binggrae’s milk is so freaking good! No matter what flavor it is! I tried Strawberry, banana ones. They are all good. I bought honey drew flavor this


Zero Calorie, Zero sugar and Zero Fat Sparkling water! It’s so nice to have such a healthy drink ( comparing to Coca-Cola) . This is peach flavor, the


Weilong is my childhood snack. Although it’s very spicy and a little greasy, still so attractive to me! It’s high calorie snack, so I won’t take a lot

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