# Happy order Happy life! #want a healthy milk tea? Gotta try this! This milk tea contains more than 60% milk that makes it tastes super smooth and m

# Happy order Happy life! #this is a traditional Chinese food that is to go with dragon boat festival in may. I usually bought zongzi from yami to ce

# Happy order Happy life! #This is my favorite noodle soup since i was a college student. I’m super excited to find it on yami! This soup is really

# Happy order Happy life! #How to cook fried chicken that tastes even better than popeyes? This recipe gives you the most juicy and a little spicy ch




# Happy order Happy life! #How to bake an authentic chiffon cake that is supper soft and fluffy ?You’ll definitely need this cake flour from Yami:

# Happy order Happy life! #A traditional Chinese dissert, made of osmanthus, taro and lotus root starch from Yami! Lotus root starch can be prepare

# Happy order Happy life! #Finally bought this super great duck blood vermicelli! This soup has been gone too fast! Fortunately I quickly bought one t

# 亚米神仙减肥好物 #我又找到宝藏零食了,如果你也喜欢梅子类的食物,例如梅子干,梅子味的饮料的话,一定不要错过这款健康低卡小零食。 一小包才49千卡!108人评价4.8🌟的i factory梅干!这是我第二次回购了,酸酸甜甜的,像是浓缩梅子干一样,味道非常浓郁,还不用吐核!小小的一袋,里面



# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #这款面里真的有小龙虾虾仁,整体风味是香辣型,有点特别,比较适合稍微重口味一点的朋友。内含一袋酱,一包小龙虾,一袋面。小龙虾比较像油浸虾干,有点儿像原来吃过的小袋包装的辣鱼块的风味。速食产品带有真的小龙虾非常有诚意了!虾干咸咸的,有韧性。这个酱料拌面我还挺喜欢的,是



# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #我平时买香飘飘买的不多,但是最近出了特别多的新口味,我也忍不住买了一点。这款桃子味奶茶真的不错,桃子香味很自然,珍珠是白色小粒的,比较软糯。里面有一包粉料,一包珍珠。需要用热水冲泡,想喝冷饮可以mix好了之后加冰块。我一开始以为是澄清的桃子味茶,没想到是桃子味的奶,也挺

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