# Happy order Happy life! ## 香飘飘 # # 珍珠奶茶 # # 奶茶 # 🍑 | Senpure Milk Tea 香飘飘奶茶 | Senpure milk tea is an awesome hot drink. It comes in various flavors such as Peach, Mango, Classic, etc. It also includes different kinds of toppings to go with the drink; boba, jelly, etc. Senpure milk tea has a strong taste of flavors in all drinks. 🍑 Open the flour pack and dump the topping into the cup along with the flavor. Gather hot water, and proceed to pour the hot water into the cup. Wait a little bit, and stir! 🍑 After the milk tea cools down a bit, then enjoy!Delicious milk tea like no other! Need a drink to go along with your snack? Make sure to choose Senpure/香飘飘奶茶!