# Happy order Happy life! #The best rice crackers I’ve ever had‼️They’re finger-licking good‼️ One of my friends strongly recommended this Yuan Xian’s Millet Rice Cracker long time ago and I finally bought it from Yami, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. In fact, I am not very keen on rice crackers. I feel that their tastes seem to be plain. I didn’t expect Yuan Xian’s rice crackers to be unique—A bag of rice crackers feels like a spicy hot pot. They taste really fragrant ,spicy and crisp, one piece after another one, and I can’t stop eating them at all. The whole bag soon bottomed out! The outer packaging of this rice crackers looks quite clean and plain , with a white base, and the geometrical figure of the crispy rice crust and a chili pepper, a markedly contrast with its strong taste. I believe the reason why the taste of this product is so good lies in its ingredients—the use of high-quality fresh rice , the spicy but fragrant red peppers grown in the farm, and it has been made by many traditional methods. The rice crackers are deep-fried with hot oil and low heat. The taste is fresh, crispy and spicy. 100% recommended‼️😋😋