# Happy order Happy life! # Rice Snail Noodle Gold Award in the Conch Noodles 300g This is a traditional and special food which originally comes from Guangxi Provence.  Now it becomes one of the most popular food in China. It is a little smelly at first smell, but when you taste it, you will surprisingly find that it is delicious. There are 7 small packets in it. 1 for dry rice noodles, 1 for fried peanuts and fuzhu, 1 for vinegar, 1 for pickled bamboo shoots, 1 for spicy & sour vegetables, 1 for snail soup, 1 for spicy sauce. Steps: Boil 500ml water, add in the rice noodles, boil another 5 minutes. Take out the rice noodles, pour out the water and add 300ml water back to the pot, boil it. Add the rest of the packets except for the spicy sauce and fried peanuts and fuzhu, put the rice noodles back in the pot, boil them altogether again for about 3 minutes.  Meanwhile, you can add any fresh vegetables you like, and my choice is green cabbage and green peppers. I strongly recommend you add the green cabbage in. Finally, stop cooking and add the fried peanuts and fuzhu. As for the spicy sauce, you can add it now, but please don’t add too much at first because it is SO SPICY 🌶 All right~ enjoy your meal~