# YamiSakuraSeason # Do you know this Japanese snacks? I have eaten a lot of this brand of snacks, and they are all delicious 😊 Especially this bear 🐻 series, the packaging is full of slender strips, which is very unique. Each color is a different flavor, a total of 24, see how many I have collected so far? Ha ha I still remember that the first time I tried it was the chocolate-flavored cookie that I bought in the big red package. The little ones looked so cute, and they tasted very refreshing. There are chocolate particles in each small piece, and the overall feeling is a mini version of Quduoduo, but it is more delicious than Quduoduo! It was this first experience that made me fall in love with this Japanese Boru dream bear series biscuits, so I started to collect them. Since one of them is so delicious, the rest will be delicious too! Buying, buying and buying, I like to collect