# YamiSakuraSeason # This crunchy strawberry 🍓pocky in the picture is my first time to try it. It is imported from Japan. The box looks more beautiful than ordinary strawberry pocky. The two bags are individually packaged, which looks beautiful and attractive. But I don't know why, after opening the package, the cream has melted somehow, which sticked together. When you eat it, you can't eat it one by one, but by another iiinteresting way! The taste is really good, and it is really crispy, the biscuit stick inside is chocolate flavor, so the flavor layering is more diverse. If it's not a little bit mellow, I especially recommend this one. The biscuit stick inside is chocolate flavor, different from ordinary strawberry 🍓pocky, the taste is more layered. However, because the strawberry cream coating is thicker, it is easier to melt and stick together than that classic one; However, I think the sticking together of this row is full of artistic sense, like a kind of musical instrument, which is very beautiful and does not affect eating. The taste, on the contrary, increased the fun. Yamibuy has so many varieties of glico, don't miss it! GLICO Pocky Strawberry Coated Cookie Bar 51g