# YamiSakuraSeason # This is the strawberry flavor 🍓 classic pocky. Firstly, let me talk about my memories: I remember the first box of Pocky I ate was the clasdic red box of the classic chocolate flavor, bought at an American supermarket chain, and I was so impressed with the brand Pocky that I discovered the strawberry flavor later. Yami sells so many different pocky flavors that you can buy anything you've seen or haven't seen before. This strawberry-flavored pocky can be regarded as one of my favorite classic flavors, because strawberry flavor has always been very popular in the snack industry, with a strong strawberry 🍓 fruity aroma in the sweetness, the biscuit stick is very crispy, and the outer layer is covered with a layer of strawberry flavor Pink chocolate, sometimes I feel unsatisfied after eating a packet in a row. I've bought it several times and it doesn't melt. also recommend GLICO Pocky Strawberry Coated Cookie Bars Family Pack of 9 Friends who like strawberry flavor can consider to try this kind of large package which is more affordable. There are 9 small packets in it, and you can eat one packet at a time, no more or less. Strawberry fan can't miss it, both are good choices!